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Java "Open Type" with Shift+Ctrl+T and no conflicts

  • Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys. In “type filter text”, enter “Open Type”.
  • Select the command described by “Open a type in a Java editor” and click the “Unbind Command” button.
  • Click in the “Binding” field and press the combination “Shift+Ctrl+T”
  • Click “Apply” then “Ok”

“Ubind command” removes the shortcut for all commands. Then you manually assign the shortcut to the only command you want to use.


Insert semicolons at correct position automatically

  • Windows -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Typing -> Automcatically insert at correct position -> Semicolons

Note: to insert a semicolon in a string instead of at the end of the line, use the backspace key after typing the semicolon.


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