Install PostGreSQL 8 on Mac OS X Tiger

Install PostGreSQL package with Fink

Use Fink and FinkCommander to install PostGreSQL (the binary package or from source). The postgres user will be created as well as the databases' folder /sw/var/postgresql-8.0 (I installed the 8.0.6-1026 version).

Create users

Start the PostGreSQL server (interactively)

sudo -u postgres /sw/bin/postmaster -D /sw/var/postgresql-8.0/data

In another terminal, connect to the template1 database (built-in PostGreSQL database)

psql -U postgres template1

Create a super user for you Mac OS X account (very convenient). My Mac OS X user name is jerome.

CREATE user jerome createdb createuser;

Create another user with a password (for your web application ?)

CREATE user user01 createdb;
ALTER user user01 WITH password 'pass01';

Log out


Create database

Create your database as your new user

createdb -U user01 test01

To stop the PostGreSQL server, just type Ctrl-C in the first terminal.

That's it ! Start your real work now !


Not so far I have found new cool tool to work with postgresql on mac os x - Valentina Studio. Its free edition can do things more than many commercial tools!!
I very recommend check it.
You can install Valentina Studio (FREE) directly from Mac App Store:
Jul 11, 2013