Efficient Thunderbird


  • Ctrl-Shift-T: check all mailboxes
  • Ctrl-R: reply
  • Ctrl-Shift-R: reply to all
  • Ctrl-N: new email
  • Ctrl-Enter: send email


  • To label selected emails, press a keypad number.
  • To customize their names and colors, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Display -> Labels

Intelligent folders (also called search folders)

  • right-click inside the mailboxes area -> Search messages...
  • Set your filters, click on Search, click on Save as Search Folder
  • This folder is special because it just contains email aliases (not copies or originals), and is always up to date! Some ideas: seven last days emails, emails from customers, emails from managers...

Email templates

Install and configure this very useful plug-in (quick and easy): Quicktext.

An example:

Hi [[TO=firstname]],


Thank you,

Linux only: new email notification icon in GNOME panel

Mozilla New Mail Icon

Archive folder

I have a local “Archive” folder where I put messages that I don't need anymore (I've worked on them, or I won't work on them). So you have just a few messages in your inbox at the time. It's clean, tidy, you'll feel more in control, and you'll actually work better. To move quickly a message to the Archive folder, use this handy extension:

Thunderbird Quickmove Extension

It's also here.

In Message -> set QM options, define your destination folder. Then to move a message just press Ctrl-0!